This session is ideal for those that already have a set of plans drawn up by their architect or building designer and are not after a full design service. You’ve done part of the legwork but you’re looking for guidance and direction on the finishes, colour palette and how to pull it all together.

This session will cover the selection of all hard finishes including flooring, carpet, tiles, cabinetry profiles and finishes, bench tops, cabinet handles, wall colours, window furnishing fabrics and much more. We also review your plans and offer our expertise in terms of layout and functions that you can confer back to your architect or building designer.

Our interior studio is an inviting space complete with a diverse range of materials and sampling that will completely inspire your selections.

Please note that this service does not include any drawing of plans, full documentation or scheduling. We will follow up with a report based on our recommendations, but advise that you take as many notes as possible!

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